I see people every day that were hesitant to come see a therapist.  I often get phone calls from individuals or their family members reporting they are struggling but do not think they would ever see a therapist.  I also know that people do not want to just keep adding and changing medications to feel better emotionally.  Our culture once believed that we should not talk about our problems or emotions.  We should just tuck that away and push forward.  Then the culture shifted to treating everything with a medication.  People are finding now that all those experiences and emotions that were tucked away or masked with medication, come back later in life, and are heavy in their thoughts.  Older adults can benefit from psychotherapy. 

Psychotherapy gives a person a safe and confidential place to share experiences and emotions that has caused turmoil or pain in their life.  Some people have trauma that they have never shared with anyone.  There can be a huge sense of relief when the story is told.  The therapist provides active listening and objective support that can help people process their feelings and move forward with less time given to these painful thoughts.  The therapist also looks at coping skills and helps patients find new, healthier ways of coping through pain, trauma, grief, and everyday stressors.   

Pyschotherapy can help with irrational thoughts.  People sometimes develop maladaptive thought patterns.  This is very common with anxiety.  These are irrational thoughts that a person starts to believe, which in turns causes social isolation and more anxiety.  Maladaptive thought patterns effect a person’s self-esteem and how they interact with others.   A therapist can help get to the root of these irrational thoughts and challenge them in a way that the person starts to believe them less and, over time, can regain control of their life and their thinking patterns. 

Psychotherapy helps hold people accountable to self-care goals.  Setting weekly goals that are small and obtainable and having to report back to the therapist each week can help give people the focus and motivation they need to feel in control.  It also helps empower people as they start to feel accomplished and motivated to do more.  The therapist provides support, encouragement and helps restore hope.   

If you or someone you know have felt they need help but do not know where to turn, call me and schedule an appointment.  A private session that is completely confidential is a great place to start feeling supported.