Promote and support mental health through the aging process

Specializing In

Therapy for older adults and those that care for older adults.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A talk therapy that helps replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and helps you manage problems by changing the way you think and behave.

Solution Focused Therapy

A talk therapy that helps clients by constructing solutions rather than focusing on problems.

Is this service right for you?

  • Do you need a safe place to talk through problems and struggles?
  • Have you lost someone one or something special and are struggling to cope?
  • Do you worry and have trouble stopping?
  • Are you feeling sad and depressed?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping due to your thoughts?
  • Are you feeling isolated?
  • Do you have painful memories you wish you could talk about?
  • Are you struggling to care for a loved one?
  • Have you moved out of your home and having trouble adjusting to your new life?
  • Are you facing scary health problems or a new diagnosis and it is causing anxiety and/or depression?

“My clients have all the wisdom, I just help them find their way”

You Deserve to Feel Better. I’m Here to Help.

My Background


  • 18 years working with older adults and caregivers
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Masters in social work


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